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Memory Foam Mattress Special Offers

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are designed to bring sumptuous comfort along with top quality support for your whole body. A memory foam layer usually sits on top of the mattress which is supported by PU foam. This allows the memory foam to naturally mould to your bodies contours and reduce pressure points and aid spinal support. Various comfort ratings are available on our collection of Memflex memory foam mattresses which range from soft to firm. This is dependent on the amount of memory foam within the mattress. Memory foam mattresses are often completed with a soft removable cover which is machine washable. A selection of our mattresses are available with the high quality Outlast® cover which helps maintain a cooler sleeping temperature.

Memory Foam Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Memory foam pocket sprung mattresses combine traditional pocket springs with modern day memory foam to help create the ultimate support and comfort. The core of these mattresses feature a pocket spring unit which offers support for the body along with creating a bouncy feel to the mattress which more people are familiar with. The spring count within these mattresses vary to offer different levels of support. A layer of memory foam tops the memory foam pocket sprung mattresses which adds an extra level of comfort and added support. Just like the standard memory foam mattresses, the memory foam moulds to your bodies contours to provide spinal support and sumptuous comfort.

Memory Foam Toppers

Memory Foam Toppers sit on top of your existing mattress to add extra comfort when you sleep. Our range of memory foam mattress toppers range in depth and are available with different covers to ensure we have something to suit all requirements. If you’re looking to add a soft feel to your existing mattress, then our gold collection of memory foam toppers are the perfect answer. These 10cm deep mattress toppers mould to your bodies contours to provide luxury comfort and support which helps aid spinal alignment. Outlast® and Coolmax® covers are available in our range of memory foam toppers which help maintain a cooler sleeping temperature.

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