Original Memflex Lady

Memflex the first and still the best

In 1999 our founder created one of the UK’s first online bed superstores selling all the major bed brands. After many years traveling around the world buying and selling beds and gaining great knowledge he decide to create a mattress that would have great benefits to the user.

True Story

I am a Company director of a large bed retailer. Having spent fifteen years cycling, running and bodybuilding from the age of 18 to 33, I regarded myself as being a fit person with a good strong back. Unfortunately, this was not the case by the age of 33!  I slipped a disc in my back while carrying my daughter’s child car seat. This slipped disc was confirmed to me after having had many x-rays including a MRI scan.

This event completely changed my life.
I could no longer participate in any further sporting activity at all. For the next six years of my life, I suffered from constant back pain, sciatica, and all the other ailments that went with a slipped disc. At first, my doctor sent me for physiotherapy to my local Hospital. I ended up after two to three years visiting Chiropractors and Osteopaths for treatment on a weekly basis. After 3 years of treatment, I ended up having Epidural injections in my spine to reduce the swelling around my slipped discs. I even purchased a shiatsu massage chair from France to give me some relief from the agony I was in!

I never thought that my problem could be aggravated by the mattress that I slept on, as you can imagine being the Director of a bed company I thought that I already had the best mattress possible!

In 1999 I heard through my work in the bed industry that there was a new type of mattress taking the USA by storm. This mattress supported the sleeper’s body up to 60% more than the traditional sprung mattress. Because I was interested in the internet at this time I started to research this mattress from sources in the USA. I established that the main component was a revolutionary foam originally invented for the NASA Space Program. This foam was called visco-elastic and is widely used in hospitals all over the World to relieve pressure on patients’ bodies and to prevent bedsores.

I decided that not only I should be selling this mattress in the UK, but with my back complaint, I also needed to be sleeping on one.

By early 2001 I had purchased a Viscoelastic mattress for my bed. The results were staggering: My back improved to such an extent that I have never attended a Doctor or osteopath since or taken a single ibuprofen tablet or painkiller for my back problem.

My passion for this product was born through first-hand experience.

Sourcing a supplier in the UK I started to sell this product on my company web site to such an extent that I became the biggest reseller in the UK. During this time I began working with a large company in the UK to develop the Memflex range of products. I knew exactly what I wanted from my wide knowledge and feedback that I had received with hundreds of letters and telephone calls from the thousands of our customers who had experienced and benefited from sleeping on these fantastic mattresses.

I could also see on bed company stands at trade fairs and the like that other companies were developing inferior versions of these mattresses. Because I had gained superior knowledge of this product I wanted to maintain the high-quality grade of visco-elastic that was needed to make the ultimate Memflex sleep system and one that I could guarantee to be the best in the World.

Memflex is formed using the very best grade of viscoelastic combined with the top grade reflex foam foundation and high-quality removable covers. Strategically placed castellations, with a multi-zone design criss-cross the Comfort Layer to mould more quickly and provide support where you need it most and disperse heat and moisture away from the body.

My experience in the bed industry means that when I compare the Memflex system to other makes we can confidently say there is no better quality and value visco elastic memory foam mattress on the market.